Filing a BOIR Report for New LLC

The Corporate Transparency Act ("CTA") is now active law, and most new entities formed in 2024 must file a Beneficial Ownership Information Report ("BOIR") identifying their beneficial owners with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN") within 90 days of formation. Entities existing prior to 2024 have until the end of this year to file. For an introduction to the Corporate Transparency Act, see my prior post.

FinCEN provides detailed step-by-step instructions for filing a BOIR here, and this post will supplement those instructions. To file a BOIR, visit and click "File Your Report Now." This will take you to the E-Filing System through which the BOIR is filed. Bank Secrecy Act reporting is also mentioned on this page, but BOIR filing is commenced by clicking "Get Started" where BOIR is referenced. The next page provides two primary options, which are to file a PDF BOIR or an Online BOIR; this post will describe the online alternative.

After agreeing to only use the system for authorized purposes, select the "Type of filing," which for purposes of this post will be an "Initial report" for a newly-formed entity. No login or account is needed in order to file a BOIR. The process is straight-forward and involves simply selecting the correct options and entering the information, first about the reporting company itself and then the applicant(s) and beneficial owner(s).

The next screen asks and then confirms whether the entity is an existing reporting company, meaning one that was already in existence as of January 1, 2024. Entities existing prior to 2024 need not report any company applicant information, but entities formed in 2024 need to provide company applicant information. Applicant information (name, birthdate, address, etc.) can either be provided directly, or if the applicant has previously obtained a FinCEN ID, the ID number can be entered instead. Requiring a FinCEN ID of company applicants and beneficial owners significantly simplifies initial reporting and the requirement to update reports if information about an applicant or owner changes.

After inputting information for all applicants, or their FinCEN IDs, the next page is where beneficial owner information (name, birthdate, address, etc.) is inputted. Note that a clear image of appropriate picture identification must be uploaded for both applicant(s) and beneficial owner(s) if a FinCEN ID is not provided. After the beneficial owner information is inputted, the final page is where certification of the information is provided and the report submitted.

The following page allows the filer to download the transcript of the BOIR, which is critical so that the data submitted can be kept on file by the company for when, among other things, information about the entity changes. Filing and updating BOIRs is an important new requirement for most U.S. entities.