50 States' Charitable Solicitation Registration Search

In a previous post, I discussed the various laws requiring nonprofit organizations wishing to solicit donations from the public to register with the state. Nearly all states that require charitable solicitation registration make registered organizations' information available to the public. In this post, I've collected links to each states' webpage for searching for charities that have qualified to solicit contributions within the state.

In utilizing these state databases, it is important to keep in mind that the standard for registering is different in every state. Texas, for example, does not require charities or non-profit organizations to register unless they solicit for law enforcement, public safety, or veterans causes. Other states, such as Louisiana, only require registration of paid fundraisers or charities that contract with paid fundraisers from outside of the organization.

This post will be updated as necessary; please comment below if you come across broken links or updated resources:

 Alabama  Illinois  Montana^  Rhode Island
 Alaska  Indiana^  Nebraska^  South Carolina
 Arizona^  Iowa^  Nevada  South Dakota^
 Arkansas  Kansas  New Hampshire  Tennessee
 California  Kentucky  New Jersey  Texas
 Colorado  Louisiana*  New Mexico  Utah
 Connecticut  Maine  New York  Vermont^
 Delaware^  Maryland  North Carolina  Virginia
 District of Columbia   Massachusetts   North Dakota  Washington
 Florida  Michigan  Ohio  West Virginia
 Georgia  Minnesota  Oklahoma  Wisconsin
 Hawaii  Mississippi  Oregon  Wyoming^
 Idaho^  Missouri  Pennsylvania   

*Registration required, no online search available
^No registration required